The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant over an in Office Employee


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The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant over an in Office Employee

By Amber Morales of A&A Documents


            You might be asking yourself why I should hire a virtual assistant, How does hiring a virtual assistant instead of an employee that works in my office benefit me? In this blog I will go over a short list that I have compiled about the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant over an employee that works in your office. This list is based off of three main factors; time, money, and embarrassment. First we will go over how it will save you time.

            You might not think that hiring a virtual assistant instead of an office employee would save you time but there are multiple ways that it actually saves you time. The first being that you do not have to spend countless hours reviewing resumes and interviewing individuals. You almost have to hire an assistant just to go over the immense amount of time that needs to be put into not only reviewing emails and phone calls about a job offer but also to advertise that your business is hiring. Then once you have reviewed so many resumes and only chose a short list of individuals to interview, you will have to spend all of the time setting up appointments for interviews and interviewing the individuals. Then if you are lucky after spending all of that time, you might have the person that you wish to hire.

            If you are one of the lucky few that find the person you want to hire after only one round of interviews and resume reviewing, then you will be spending time training the individual for the specific needs that your business needs. What happens if after all of that time choosing them, they decide that they cannot accomplish the training that is required of them? You will have to begin the process all over again. Let’s say that you are lucky again and the person that you chose gets the training right away and they grasp the work that you are requiring of them immediately, you will still need to spend the time compiling a paycheck for the individual, benefits, and taxes.

            Chances are you probably won’t be the one configuring how much to pay that person, when to pay them, and how to pay them so you will have to take even more time to hire yet another person to accomplish this task for you. You will then need to spend the time figuring out what benefits this individual will receive and what happens if they do not like the benefits they are receiving and can receive better benefits elsewhere? You are back at step one yet again.

            Do you have the time to supervise this individual as well? You have to make sure they are doing the work they need to be doing and not just hanging on Facebook all day. Will you be doing this or will you need to hire yet another person to supervise the person that is supposed to be making your work easier?

            Then you have the even more time consuming task of firing this individual if you find that they are not right for the job. If you are the type of person that has a very hard time firing someone, you are going to spend a lot of uncomfortable time coming up with a way to fire them and feeling bad about firing them. Then you will have to begin the process of hiring someone all over again.

            Not only does it not benefit your time to hire someone to work in your office, it will not benefit your wallet either. Time is money too but are you prepared for all of the extra costs that come with hiring an in office employee? Do you know some of the extra costs? You will not just be paying an hourly wage, which can at times really take up a lot of your profits.

            Paying an hourly wage can really take a large amount of your profits because you are paying that employee whether they are doing work or not. If you do not have work for that employee and they are just sitting there playing candy crush, you are still paying them. With A&A Documents you would be paying me by the work that you need done and it is the same price no matter how much time I spend on it. There are other virtual assistance where you pay to use them for a period of time which can also benefit you because you are only paying them for the hours that you are paying them.

            Tax and benefits will also take up a large part of your profits. Like I said earlier, do you even know how to calculate the tax and benefits for this employee or will you have to hire someone to do this for you? Hiring someone to accomplish this for you will be yet another business expense that has to be paid.

            With all of these individuals you are hiring to work in your office, your utility bill will surely go up. You might have been comfortable not using your air conditioning or heat very often in your office but your employees may not feel the same way. Your electricity will go up from all of the lights they are turning on, the extra computers and electronics running (I can guarantee they will be plugging their phones, tablets, and other personal devices into your walls because the battery sure does go dead playing candy crush, looking at Facebook, texting, and doing other things so much when there is nothing else to do), and they will surely be using that microwave and coffee pot as often as they can.

            You will need to supply these employees with an office space as well. If you do not already have the desks, cubicles, chairs, coffee pot, microwave, computers, printers and printer supplies, phones, office supplies, and other office necessities, you will need to get them before your employees begin working for you. All of these things will leave you with yet another huge bill to pay off. Not to mention when objects such as tissue paper, pens, pencils, paper, paper clips, and other small office supplies seem to go missing because your employees are taking them home. Don’t forget about all the toilet paper you will be going through as well and the janitor to clean the bathroom that your employees always seem to make a mess of (yes it will begin to look like a public bathroom at an airport or large store if you don’t hire a janitor, which your clients will not enjoy if they need to come to your office).

            Then there is that very annoying cost of a lawsuit. Your employee get a paper cut, falls in the bathroom because your janitor forgot to put the wet floors sign down, or any other way employees sure do like to sue you for because they just don’t like you or they didn’t really want to work in the first place. Even if they do not have a strong case against you and would not win the lawsuit anyway, you will still be paying for a lawyer to handle your case in court for something silly. Not only is this going to cost you money but now it’s taking up your time and is an embarrassment.

            How embarrassed will you be when your client asks you about the lawsuit that you just went through, even if it is for something silly? Then there is the extremely serious embarrassment if your company should have a sexual harassment lawsuit, even after you spent all that time and money making sure all of your employees received a sexual harassment class.

            Even if there isn’t a sexual harassment case, there is still bound to be in office affairs between employees (let’s hope it’s not between you and an employee, that is a whole other issue). All of a sudden this in office affair is taking up work productivity time because they are either spending too much time talking to each other at the job or they are hostile towards each other because of a break up or fight. This also adds into the problem of employees not getting along.

            When you have in office employees they are not going to just come to work and do their job. They are going to have friends and people they do not like at work as well. What are you going to do if you have employees that simply do not get along? Are you going to take even more time to sit down and discuss this problem with the employees? I am not sure about your qualifications but I am pretty sure you are not a camp counselor (unless that is actually what your business and job is) and you probably do not know how to resolve in office disputes correctly.

            All of these disputes, affairs, lawsuits, laziness and other issues discussed will give your business an unprofessional view to your clients. Chances are when your clients see this unprofessional conduct, they are just going to turn around and run away from your business, leaving you with even less money in your wallet.

            This is just a short list of issues that are involve with hiring an in office employee. If you are extremely lucky you will not have any of these issues and everything will run smoothly with you hiring in office employees (chances are you’re not going to just be hiring the one employee you thought you would be) but chances are at least one of these issues will become yet another grey hair on your head. Save your time, money, and sanity by hiring a virtual assistant.


            Thank you for reading this post and check out my other posts at You can also view my website to learn more about A&A Documents and the services that I provide at




Written by:

Amber Morales

A&A Documents

September 16, 2013



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Company client numbers may be issued as well and will be listed as Company name and company client number in a separate password locked excel document. Your employees will be able to utilize the company client number for services. Filed documents will also be filed together with the company’s name and company client number




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Services A&A Documents provides


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Document Recreation via picture, fax, email, or mail

(Service 1)

You send me either a fax, picture, hard copy either through the mail, fax machine, or email and I will recreate a digital copy of the document in word or excel. I will also convert hand writing into a typed document. This enables you to have a document that may have been hard to read or that you did not have an editable digital copy of. Secure documents is ones that I own the copy right to, you will be able to view and print the document but it will have the A&A Documents copy right on the bottom and you will not be able to edit the document. The unsecure document will give you ownership of the document and will not have the A&A Documents copy right on the bottom and you will be able to edit the document.

Electronic Filing of Documents

(Service 2, Digital Copy Filing)

Electronic filing of your documents is a service where I will keep a digital of the documents you send me and/or that I recreate for you for a period of time. This enables you to contact me to get a copy of the document via digital copy if you should ever lose the document. This can give you another option for having all of your files backed up if your systems crash. (Documents will be kept on a CD, thumb drive, or external hard drive based on size and amount of documents to be filed labeled with your name and client number) All documents are locked in a file cabinet for safe keeping.

Filing of Documents Hard Copy

(Service 2, Hard Copy Filing)

Hard copy filing of your documents is a service where I will keep a hard copy of the documents you send me and/or that I recreate for you for a period of time. This enables you to contact me to get a copy of the document via hard copy if you should ever lose the document. This can give you another option for having all of your files backed up if your systems crash. There will be 2 hard copies made of all documents and all hard copy documents will be stamped with your name and client number along with “original copy” and the second copy stamped with “copy” at the top of each page of the document) All documents are locked in a file cabinet for safe keeping.

Documents Placed on CD

(Service 3, CD)

Documents that you send me and/or that I recreate for you can be burned on to a CD, labeled with your name and client number, and will be mailed to you with a typed index page for the CD that will list the documents that are burned on to CD with the document name(s) that you chose for the file(s). This enables you to copy the files from the CD on to your computer and keep the CD for records and future use.

Documents Placed on Thumb Drive

(Service 3, Thumb Drive)

Documents that you send me and/or that I recreate for you can be placed on to a thumb drive, labeled with your name and client number, and will be mailed to you with with a typed index page for the thumb drive that will list the documents that are placed onto the thumb drive with the document name(s) that you chose for the file(s). This enables you to copy the files from the thumb drive on to your computer and keep the thumb drive for your records and future use.

Document Correction/Review

(Service 4)

Document correction/review services include the overlooking of typed, copied, and written documents. Alignment will be corrected along with grammar issues, spelling issues, misuse of words and words doubled. Documents can either be marked with red pen or I can correct the issues immediately.

Excel Document Creation

(Service 5)

Excel document creation includes data entry and creating workable documents to be utilized on excel.

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Document Destruction and Power Point Creation

(Service 6)

Document destruction of hard copy paper documents, CDs, and external hard drives coming soon….

Power point creation services will take information and pictures that you request be present in the power point for presentations or personal use. There will also be secure and unsecure versions similar to document recreation. Coming soon..


Prices are listed on my website at!services/c1pna

About me: Owner, Creator, and Employee


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Thank you for visiting my business webpage. My name is Amber Morales, I am the owner of A&A Documents and will be assisting you with your office needs. I know how important it is to know who the person is that is handling a key part to the success of your business, that is why I am supplying you with an overview of who I am, what my accomplishments are, and why I am the perfect choice as your document assistant.

I am married with 2 young children and currently reside in California. I am a stay at home mom while my husband is an active duty Marine. I started this business because of my own self-motivation and need to excel. I love being a stay at home mom but I also love working hard and achieving personal excellence.

The qualities that I have obtained over my years of experience is not only my own personal self-motivation to the task at hand, perfection of the task at hand, and self-discipline but also fast accurate typing, navigation on a computer, filing, handling of important documents, correction and review of documents, and transferring of files. Through my 4 years of active duty service in the Marine Corps I have obtained an abundance of skills and personal attributes that not only make me the perfect document assistant but also allow me to conduct professional business that I know you will appreciate.

I know what business owners are looking for in hiring assistance because I was and am a business owner. From the age of 16 I started my own very successful business from the ground up, employed individuals to work for me, conducted business with clients, and after serving in the Marine Corps I have decided to pursue business ownership again.

During my 4 years of active duty service in the Marine Corps I worked as a clerk for a high importance office that the Squadron I was assigned to relied on for the success of training, knowledge, and abilities of the Marines. My duties included creating excel documents that would function with formulas, power point presentations for high ranking individuals, creation of tests to assess knowledge of Marines, tracking the proficiency of Marine’s training and knowledge and qualifying them for positions, recreating documents for high ranking individuals, creating documents in Naval Letter Format to be signed by the Commanding Officer, and scheduling daily tasks, appointments and meetings for individuals. I received a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal from the Commanding Officer of the Squadron for the tasks that I accomplished on a daily basis.

I received a multitude of other awards through my career in the Marine Corps to include but not limited to multiple Letters of Appreciation, Certificates of Appreciation, Marine of the Quarter for Squadron, Group and Wing, and three Overseas Ribbons for my 3 and a half years stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

Not only do I have the professional experience you’re looking for but I have college experience as well. I have achieved 33 credits towards an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies. I am still currently enrolled as a full time online student through American Military University in order to complete my studies in Paralegal Studies. Once I have completed my Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies I will be able to offer Paralegal services through A&A Documents as well.

I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to read these short paragraphs I have written about myself. If you have any further questions about my experience, schooling, or any other questions that pertain to A&A Documents and our services please feel free to ask. I guarantee a response within 72 hours. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing and working with you!